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I want to follow every true straight edge person on Tumblr.

Omg it finally hit 1,000

If there’s only 1,000 straight edge people on Tumblr,

why are there 6,000 people following us?

Oh god, don’t tell me there are 5,000 normal people just waiting for us to screw up….


This’ll hurt you worse than me.
I’m weak, seven days a week.
Don’t run from me. I won’t
Bother counting one, two, three…

Forever my jam

Why do you from on terms like "smark" or "marked out" but use terms like "face" and "heel"? I don't see how there's a huge difference, its all just terms of the art form. I don't get it, whats the difference?


I from on them for many different reasons.
Honestly I see different terms as carrying varying degrees of being on the “inside” of what you’re talking about. All that lingo is carny speak because you weren’t supposed to understand it, but some of it made it into the regular American lexicon. My grandma uses the term “heel” for a bad guy or a jerk but she doesn’t know a thing about wrestling. She’s just from the south and that was a common turn of phrase.
The internet has allowed more people to think they have insider information of something that like so they want to come off as knowledgeable to other people that also enjoy it. It’s like being in a secret club. Unfortunately, and I feel this isn’t a wrestling exclusive thing but happens more with it than other tv shows, the people using the lingo have never been in a ring or around wrestlers except maybe buying a tshirt from them or seeing them at a show. They have an assumed familiarity with it so they think the stuff they’ve heard other people say is common so they use it commonly.
“Smark” is the term I shy away from most. It’s a made up word from people on the outside trying to be on the inside. It stands for “smart mark” meaning you get what’s happening but you’re still “in on the joke.” (A mark is what the people at the carnivals would call patrons they could dupe) An example of a smark is a guy that chants Husky Harris at Bryan Wyatt. He knows they’re the same person and he won’t let you forget that he knows.
If you want more information on any of what I’m talking about, and I’m sure you don’t, check out David Shoemaker’s book “The Squared Circle.” He gives an excellent run down of wrestling’s beginnings and slow move from semi legit circus act toward sports entertainment.
And that’s my dissertation on why you shouldn’t say “smark.”

Well said.


Credit to NastiaBrooks


Credit to NastiaBrooks



Toby is ageing in reverse, which is such a great advertisement for being edge!


This video makes me so happy…